Halloween Time!|ft Sneha


Today’s post is a collab with Sneha@Read, Write and Believe. I had a lot of fun doing this with her! I hope you like to read it as much I did writing it with Sneha! Also, don’t forget to show her some love!!

Without any further waste of time let’s get started with it!

Sooooooo both of us wrote this poem for Halloween-

The time has come for which we all are waiting,
It’s Halloween! and spooky things are coming.
Tonight we’ll go down our street,
and scare each person we meet! 

But witches and wizards are all around, 
along with ghosts, making creepy sounds.
Little children run and hide,
for they are scared to come outside.

Up for Halloween is so much fun, 
You can be a witch, wizard, ghost or anyone! 
Everyone looks scary in their costumes, 
especially the green witches with their flying brooms!

Craved pumpkins and hanging bats,
decorations like these made us scaredy cats
Skeleton shaped lamps are so amazing
the decorations are really frightening 

Going outside in our dresses
knocking from door to door making progress,
returning home with a bag full of candy! 
Oh! That was a success! 

Halloween definitely is fun and exciting,
Though sometimes it gets us frightening.
Next year there will be more fun, 
But for today, we are done!

~ Sneha and Krisha

I hope you liked it!!!!

Don’t forget to check out Sneha’s post here!

That was it for today! Byeeee!

P.S. I’ll be doing a winter blog re-design in a few days!

16 thoughts on “Halloween Time!|ft Sneha

  1. Well well,its a bit too late to wish you a happy Halloween,but this was an enjoyable read. I liked the way you ended it,a job well done!

    Amidst unlit night,
    Mysterious monsters prowl,
    Halloween horrors await.


    Liked by 1 person

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