story #1

Hiii! I hope you are doing good! If you are new here then welcome!!

This isn’t something I usually do but I just wanted to do it even if I may end up humiliating myself 🙃-

Honestly, I spent most of the time thinking to do this post or not 😂

before I start with it here are a few things I would like to say-

To all the people out there-

  1. I am sorry for any grammatical errors
  2. I am sorry if you don’t like the story or if you think it is dumb
  3. I am sorry if this ruined your day
  4. I am sorry if you hate me after this

(I didn’t think about these pretty well 😗)

umm… I’m pretty sure you are hating me rn *hides* I probably have scared most of you away haven’t I! I’m so proud of myself *pats herself* 😂

I may have ruined your mood of reading so why not just get to the story-


So I wrote this story during an exam for the exam. I mean the starter of the story was given and we had to continue so here we go-

tom got off as the train left, he realised was holding the wrong suitcase. He was worried sick as he did not know what to do as he was new to the city and had come to visit his aunt. Just then he saw a man holding his suitcase. Tom not knowing what to do chased that man. He did not know where he was going but he still followed the man. It was getting dark and Tom was getting very hungry. Suddenly the man stopped and went into the house. Tom, again not knowing what he was doing followed the man into the house. The house was dark but suddenly the lights opened he hear a party horn. The next moment he saw his aunt and uncle standing in front of him. Seeing his uncle panting and drenched in sweat he knew it was his uncle the whole time. His aunt and uncle wished him a happy birthday and gave him presents. Tom had a lot of fun.

THE END- (the bold line is the start-up which was given)

*sigh of relief*

*nervousness adding up*

*internal screaming*

PHEW! that was stressful!

I hope you liked it- and umm that’s it?😳

Before I embarrass myself even more I am going!!!! BYEEEE

P.S. I am still working on winter-themed sign-offs and dividers.

P.P.S.- I- I- forgot this is my first post of nov 2021 *face palm* and I thought of starting to do monthly wrap-ups from november. Credits to my memory *face palm*

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