a day in my life

I Made it!!!!

Hii! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!!!!!

Today you’ll get to know how boring a day in my life is 🙂

Let’s start-

Good morning!! It’s 8am rn*yawns*. This is the time I wake up. After that, I make my bed. (No I don’t) brush my teeth, take a bath and then more boring stuff!

Well now because of online school you end up sitting on your laptop from 9am to 2pm. *sigh* I get 30-minute breaks in between. So the first break is my breakfast break.

I use the next break to make my bed or else I wait for a mom to come and tell me to do it😂 *makes her bed*

The next break I listen to songs or watch youtube. It depends on me. (I’m listening to Shawn Mendes rn)

*get’s up* After 2 I have lunch and play with my sis. The next part is interesting as I have to sneak upstairs without my sis noticing😆 . *tries not to make a sound while climbing up the stairs*

Now that is done, I listen to music or watch youtube or talk to my friends or finish my drafts or think of a new post. (that’s a lot of things to do)

I study from 4-7:30 and then go to play outside!!!! (I was missing exclamations😃)

I come back till 8:45 and practice music after a 15-minute break. AND YES I DO TAKE MUSIC CLASSES *screams*

Ok, now it’s dinner time! *shoves food in her mouth*. That was not fun! I hate any type of meal. *opens her laptop* now I try to read as many posts as possible and finish as many as possible. I like to do blogging stuff at night as that’s the time when I get ALL the ideas *yawns*. Wellllllllll it’s time for bed!!! I forgot to update you guys on the time!? So rn it is 12am. This is when I start with book reading!!! And then I sleep by 3am.

Good night!!!!!

Zat is a day in my life!! I missed exclamations so much in it! I love *!* 😉

I’m sorry for any grammatical errors. I was too lazy to correct them. Bye!! *tries not to look scared*

*runs away*


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