Sparrow | A poem

Heyy Everyone!! How are you doing?

I’m back with another poem which I write in school for an assignment… Yes, for an assignment… again. Before I get to the poem I just wanted to say that I’m SORRY. I’ve not been reading posts or comments. I’m really sorry, school is just all over the place, everything is all over the place. Well, that’s about me, what are you all up to these days? I hope you are good.

Let’s get started with another poem written in 5 minutes-


Waking up in the morning
to a sound too sweet,
A small melodious tweet,
A sparrow singing on a tree

A voice as sweet as honey,
Spreading happiness and joy,
Helping me start a new day
with a charged-up me

It’s beautiful and calming,
A voice like heaven,
Has its way of charming
anyone who’s listening

Oh, look! A tiny sparrow


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