2021 Wrap – up





I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! okay I should stop 🙂

Hey everyone! Today I am going sorta summarize this year. I think this post is going to be long so let’s go!!

Now idk what to write

2021 wasn’t the best year but it was certainly better than 2020. Though school went way better in 2020 😂
I haven’t been very active this year but I think I did my best and I will try to be more regular! I think the second half of the year went better for me.

I have a lot of posts and favourite posts but I’m just too lazy to mention them and link them 🙂 So I’m going to summarize the months for you 🙂 And I will be rating them out of 10

So Jan started well and good for me but I went on a hiatus around the middle of the month and then I sorta came back… I don’t remember what I was doing or thinking at that point in time 😂

January went well!! 4/10

In Feb I came back from my Hiatus and yes, that was all ig? I really don’t remember and I think I participated in a contest 🤷🏻‍♀️ I didn’t post much

It went okay-ish 2/10

MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! AND I HAD GOTTEN 100 FOLLOWERS IN THIS MONTH TOO!?!?! I didn’t post a lot in March but it went well!
I think we give it a 7.5/10

April was a fun month for me! I was very consistent and I did a great job!!*waits for everyone to clap* *silence* *claps herself*

This month had its ups and downs so umm I give it a 6/10!

I did a great job being regular this month! I also participated in WDYTB! It was overall a VERY fun month! I think if I hadn’t participated in this I won’t have been so regular 😂

I give this an 8/10

Half of the year already done?! In June I held a contest and I think it went great!! I also did a collab! Check it out here! I’m running out of things to say

I also read the hp series this month! I’ll give it an 8/10!

I did only one post in July😳 I had my half-yearlies going on so… *nervous laugh*

I give it a 3/10 (I am being generous🙂)

I- I- I skipped this whole month😬 I DIDN’T POST AT ALL!? Everyone, please congratulate me on my big achievement *bows*

I MISSED MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!?!? wth! Before everyone comes at me I am going to rate this month 😶‍🌫️

I give it a 0.5/10 (happy?)

I just posted once this month explaining why I was inactive…

Well, I am going to quickly rate it and move forward!

I give it a 1/10

I stuck to my schedule which is and was posting once a week! I am quite happy with myself!! I also did a collab you can click here to read the post! Plus, it was one of my friends birthday so check out the post here.

I give this month a 7/10!

November was a very fun month!!! I really liked it and I stuck to my schedule! yay.

Hmm… It was also one of my friends Birthday! Check out the post here! I also tried digital art for the first time. Here is the post!

I give this month a 7.5/10!

The last month of the year! This year felt like it just flew away. December was my favourite month this year!! I WAS PRETTY CONSISTENT!! *claps*

I loved my ‘5 Day’s to Christmas‘ series! And My favourite post was ‘Shower Thoughts

I give December a *drum roll* 10/10!!!! It wasn’t perfect but still!

*sigh* This took time!! I think it was a good year and I hope that the next year is better!

I have made mistakes and I will try to learn from them and do better next year!!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!!

Do tell me which was your favourite month of this year? and in which month did I do the best according to you? Let’s chat in the comments!!

This will be the last post from me for this year!! I will see you next year!!


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