Entries for the first prompt+Voting+Second prompt

Hey guys welcome or welcome back!

Before any delay as this post is going to be veryyyyy long! so let’s get started!

Ss 4 of you out of the 10 sent me your poems! Let’s start with the poems!

Rayna’s poem-

Anushka’s poem-

 Whispering Enchantments of Nature-poem

Redolent chambers of flowers

With a drop of nectar which showers

A lost deep angelic feeling into these magic vines

Unlock a mood of contentment and cheerful cries

The whispering enchantments awake

As the nature makes its way

A soul combined with divine and power

Removing mistakes which purely are sour

The birds of dawn are perfectly poised

Like a beautiful art or maybe a drawing

The slowest voices can be heard from far

And connect to deepest rivers and never get apart

The river from mountains, reach the path of heaven

Where every drop is drank by a mellow dweller

The lands of heaven hold florets, made of gold

That suppress the power of dark and evil force

Nature is an enchantment casted by god

In his hands it just a paint brush, or perhaps a sword

The flavours of life make a delicious recipe

Opening the doors of our beautiful destinies

Maggie’s Poem-

Inaya’s Poem-

Those are all the poems! I love them all so so much! You guys will have a hard time voting. Good luck!

Here is the poll-

wAiT I aLmOsT fOrGoT tHe SeCoNd PrOmPt!

As you guys know about my brain that it is very forgetful and I literally forgot father’s day so you guys already know the prompt don’t you?

Yess, your guesses are right! The 2nd and the last prompt is poem on your father’s or wishing them father’s day! Make them feel special!

Can’t wait for the poem!


19 thoughts on “Entries for the first prompt+Voting+Second prompt

  1. Hi guys! If you cannot see the poll, please tell me in the comments who’s poem do you like the most and I will count your vote! Bye!

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