Sparrow | A poem

Heyy Everyone!! How are you doing? I'm back with another poem which I write in school for an assignment... Yes, for an assignment... again. Before I get to the poem I just wanted to say that I'm SORRY. I've not been reading posts or comments. I'm really sorry, school is just all over the place, … Continue reading Sparrow | A poem

Dreams | A poem

Hey everyone!! I hope you are doing good I haven't posted a poem here in a while. I wrote this one in class for an assignment in like 5 minutes, so um I hope you like it- _________________ Don't see the dreams you see asleep, See dreams wide-awake of wanting to achieve, Make them reality, … Continue reading Dreams | A poem

Winter | A poem

It starts around mid-November goes on till Feb,Brings in the Christmas spirit and new year as well As the snow starts to fall downIt’s a child’s dream that a snow storm comes and closes the schools all around We start wearing cardigans, hoodies and jacketsdrinking something hotcurled up inside our blankets like babies in a cot … Continue reading Winter | A poem