It’s december already?!🧣

Ignore the weird title!
Krisha dear, this is no way of starting a post-

Hii everyone!! I hope you are doing good!

So today is the first day of December (at least it is for me) and I still can’t believe 2021 is going to end in a month! Though I’m really excited for Christmas 🎅🏻 🎄

Now, let’s just say bye to november and start with DECEMBER!!

Welcome, December! (what do I say next?)

Anyways let’s start with the post already-

𝕄𝕪 𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕘𝕠𝕒𝕝𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝔻𝕖𝕔𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣

  • Stick with my schedule which is posting once a week
  • Make the posts more interesting
  • Get better at designing

That’s all I could think about! I hope I can do that and let’s move to the next topic.


  1. I re-designed my blog for winter and you can go check it out here!
  2. I am not doing blogmas but I might a very big might do it for 1 week 🙃 (I know you might be like what is the point of telling us but I really want to do it *nervous laugh*)
  3. All the best to the people out there having boards! 👀
  4. uh idk

So that was it with the announcements…

That was it for today! I didn’t do a monthly wrap-up because I thought I didn’t do much in November other than finishing book 6 of KOTLC and other random stuff which you won’t want to know about 🙂

Bye then?

P.S.- Tell me if you like the re-design

P.P.S. – Do you like this sign off or the other one? (I used that one in my last post)


Hi guys!!!!! I hope you are doing good!

Today is a very special day!! It’s Anna‘s birthday! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! She always supports me and is a wonderful person! I wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday Anna! I hope you have the best birthday!!!🥳 💖

Here is a very small something I made for you Anna-

I really hope you like it!! Happy Birthday once again Anna!!!!

That is it for today!!! Meet you next week! Byeeee!

P.S. I am still working on my blog for winter

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hello, thanks so much for being here!💕 I have a really exciting announcement today + another giveaway!!!💫

You probably already know by the title..but-

⋘ 𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑖𝑡… ⋙


1K followers! I’m so excited to make this announcement, and I’m so grateful to everyone who stuck with me from the start. thank you so, so much for 1000 & for helping me grow this page so fast to every one of you reading this!🥰✨

This has been one my biggest blogging goals, I hoped to have achieved this before my one year blogiversary and I finally did! Just wanted to say how happy I am to my blog followers for following me. It means a lot that I am supported by awesome people.

every single comment, follow, like -makes my day! I really appreciate that~ you guys are literally the sweetest people I’ve “met” online🤧💙…

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My try on digital art

Welcome or welcome back!! I hope your day is going pretty well!

Recently my aunt let me borrow her iPad and I went exploring it. I found a drawing tool app thingy. I am going to share my drawing on it!

This is my first time trying digital art so I hope you like them!!

This the first thing I ever made using digital art-

soo it is hp and Halloween mixed

This is the second one-

btw the date is 3rd November 2021

I am pretty shocked by the result.

This is the third one (another mandala)-

I really like this one!

I hope you liked them! Please give inputs if you have any! And which one do you like the most?? Please let me know!

That’s it for today!!!! Bye!!!!

I know it is pretty simple but I like it!

P.S. Notice the ✨cHaNgEs✨?

story #1

Hiii! I hope you are doing good! If you are new here then welcome!!

This isn’t something I usually do but I just wanted to do it even if I may end up humiliating myself 🙃-

Honestly, I spent most of the time thinking to do this post or not 😂

before I start with it here are a few things I would like to say-

To all the people out there-

  1. I am sorry for any grammatical errors
  2. I am sorry if you don’t like the story or if you think it is dumb
  3. I am sorry if this ruined your day
  4. I am sorry if you hate me after this

(I didn’t think about these pretty well 😗)

umm… I’m pretty sure you are hating me rn *hides* I probably have scared most of you away haven’t I! I’m so proud of myself *pats herself* 😂

I may have ruined your mood of reading so why not just get to the story-


So I wrote this story during an exam for the exam. I mean the starter of the story was given and we had to continue so here we go-

tom got off as the train left, he realised was holding the wrong suitcase. He was worried sick as he did not know what to do as he was new to the city and had come to visit his aunt. Just then he saw a man holding his suitcase. Tom not knowing what to do chased that man. He did not know where he was going but he still followed the man. It was getting dark and Tom was getting very hungry. Suddenly the man stopped and went into the house. Tom, again not knowing what he was doing followed the man into the house. The house was dark but suddenly the lights opened he hear a party horn. The next moment he saw his aunt and uncle standing in front of him. Seeing his uncle panting and drenched in sweat he knew it was his uncle the whole time. His aunt and uncle wished him a happy birthday and gave him presents. Tom had a lot of fun.

THE END- (the bold line is the start-up which was given)

*sigh of relief*

*nervousness adding up*

*internal screaming*

PHEW! that was stressful!

I hope you liked it- and umm that’s it?😳

Before I embarrass myself even more I am going!!!! BYEEEE

P.S. I am still working on winter-themed sign-offs and dividers.

P.P.S.- I- I- forgot this is my first post of nov 2021 *face palm* and I thought of starting to do monthly wrap-ups from november. Credits to my memory *face palm*

Halloween Time!|ft Sneha


Today’s post is a collab with Sneha@Read, Write and Believe. I had a lot of fun doing this with her! I hope you like to read it as much I did writing it with Sneha! Also, don’t forget to show her some love!!

Without any further waste of time let’s get started with it!

Sooooooo both of us wrote this poem for Halloween-

The time has come for which we all are waiting,
It’s Halloween! and spooky things are coming.
Tonight we’ll go down our street,
and scare each person we meet! 

But witches and wizards are all around, 
along with ghosts, making creepy sounds.
Little children run and hide,
for they are scared to come outside.

Up for Halloween is so much fun, 
You can be a witch, wizard, ghost or anyone! 
Everyone looks scary in their costumes, 
especially the green witches with their flying brooms!

Craved pumpkins and hanging bats,
decorations like these made us scaredy cats
Skeleton shaped lamps are so amazing
the decorations are really frightening 

Going outside in our dresses
knocking from door to door making progress,
returning home with a bag full of candy! 
Oh! That was a success! 

Halloween definitely is fun and exciting,
Though sometimes it gets us frightening.
Next year there will be more fun, 
But for today, we are done!

~ Sneha and Krisha

I hope you liked it!!!!

Don’t forget to check out Sneha’s post here!

That was it for today! Byeeee!

P.S. I’ll be doing a winter blog re-design in a few days!

a day in my life

I Made it!!!!

Hii! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!!!!!

Today you’ll get to know how boring a day in my life is 🙂

Let’s start-

Good morning!! It’s 8am rn*yawns*. This is the time I wake up. After that, I make my bed. (No I don’t) brush my teeth, take a bath and then more boring stuff!

Well now because of online school you end up sitting on your laptop from 9am to 2pm. *sigh* I get 30-minute breaks in between. So the first break is my breakfast break.

I use the next break to make my bed or else I wait for a mom to come and tell me to do it😂 *makes her bed*

The next break I listen to songs or watch youtube. It depends on me. (I’m listening to Shawn Mendes rn)

*get’s up* After 2 I have lunch and play with my sis. The next part is interesting as I have to sneak upstairs without my sis noticing😆 . *tries not to make a sound while climbing up the stairs*

Now that is done, I listen to music or watch youtube or talk to my friends or finish my drafts or think of a new post. (that’s a lot of things to do)

I study from 4-7:30 and then go to play outside!!!! (I was missing exclamations😃)

I come back till 8:45 and practice music after a 15-minute break. AND YES I DO TAKE MUSIC CLASSES *screams*

Ok, now it’s dinner time! *shoves food in her mouth*. That was not fun! I hate any type of meal. *opens her laptop* now I try to read as many posts as possible and finish as many as possible. I like to do blogging stuff at night as that’s the time when I get ALL the ideas *yawns*. Wellllllllll it’s time for bed!!! I forgot to update you guys on the time!? So rn it is 12am. This is when I start with book reading!!! And then I sleep by 3am.

Good night!!!!!

Zat is a day in my life!! I missed exclamations so much in it! I love *!* 😉

I’m sorry for any grammatical errors. I was too lazy to correct them. Bye!! *tries not to look scared*

*runs away*


Dear Grandma💖 (a poem)

This is the featured image! I designed it 😀

To my loving grandmother with all my heart-

You gave your life for us,
You always focus on us.

You are the one who helps me with my studies
Oh! We are like the best buddies

When you scold me, I may have not realised
But it is a blessing in disguise.

You are the shining star in the sleepy sky,
You are the wings which will help me fly

~Krisha 2021

This poem is for grandma. I love her soooo much and I’m sure she does to! She keeps me before her. She is the most selfless person I have ever seen. She helps me with studies and we play games with each other, talk and do a lot of fun stuff! I hope she likes this poem I w and you do too!

This is the second post I am posting this week as the last one wouldn’t count as one 🙂


Reminder!!! + Update

Hi guys!! I hope your day is going good!

I am writing this short, very tiny post to give you guys a wake up call for filling up the survey or form and a small update on something I have been working on.

But you will get the update after you get the reminder *smirk* So hold your horses!!

Here is the reminder I want to give you😗 –

Please fill the survey up! Only a few of you have filled it! *inserts puppy eye emoji* I just thought if I get more opinions on stuff I would do better at blogging and post the posts you would like to see from me.

I wish I was a telepath at least I could read your minds when I needed opinions😂 😏 *evil laugh*

Click here to fill it up! or you use this like here-

heh. my new halloween divider! do you like it?? Please tell in the comments

Well that is one way of showing the update! So I designed a new divider. I might be a bit late but c’mon we have to be in the spirit, right?!

There is one more thing you will notice at the end of the post! Any guesses????

If guessed the sign off, you are right! I made a new one!

I hope you like the updates. Please tell me if I should change something. Let’s chat in the comments!!

I didn’t make any major changes. Umm… that was all about it! Byee!

Do you like it?????

Photo’s I clicked + Survey

Heyy! How are you guys?? Hope your day is going good!

I haven’t clicked photos in a while so I wanted to click some but I clicked them using a phone 😗.

I clicked them when I had to go out of the house as pest control was going on. These are all I clicked in a park behind my house-

WAIT WIAT! Before we start I want you to know that every pic has a filter on it 🙂

The first one is my favourite! I hope you like them!

I’m gonna change them!

Onto the next part of this post!!

I am doing a survey right now as I want to know what type of posts you want from me and don’t want from me. I also want to know a few more things.

I won’t call it a survey though.

If you want to fill it click here.

Please fill it!

See you soon!