March wrap-up | Addressing why I disappeared into thin air :)

Heyy Everyone. I hope you are doing good! Uhm, well, as you all might have noticed I abruptly stopped posting. I have one reason to explain my disappearance-sChOoL. We've been getting a lot of homework lately and I'm struggling to get used to my new schedule🙄. I've also been procrastinating A LOT which I hate. … Continue reading March wrap-up | Addressing why I disappeared into thin air 🙂

February wrap-up ✨

Hi everyone! *waves* I hope you're doing good. It is marchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and as you see I am VERY excited about it. The reasons why I am so excited are- MY. EXAMS. ARE. OVER!!! I'll be going to school from 21st and will finally see my friendsssMy birthday is coming soon but I'm not very excited … Continue reading February wrap-up ✨

Winter | A poem

It starts around mid-November goes on till Feb,Brings in the Christmas spirit and new year as well As the snow starts to fall downIt’s a child’s dream that a snow storm comes and closes the schools all around We start wearing cardigans, hoodies and jacketsdrinking something hotcurled up inside our blankets like babies in a cot … Continue reading Winter | A poem