May wrap-up🌻☀️

Heyy everyone! How have you been doing?

I’m back with a teeny-tiny bit late may wrap-up🙂 May unlike other months was exciting, as I went to visit my aunt and cousins and also went to Goa (it’s in India). So it was a fun month! I also participated in WDYTB which helped me to keep posting and not ghost you guys… Before I start I wanna share a few pics of the view we got on the beach-

My favourite is the one beside the text. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Now let’s get going with the post-

I heard-

  • Alone Pt. 2 – Alan Walker
  • On My Way – Alan Walker
  • Darkside – Alan Walker
  • Faded – Alan Walker
  • Shake it off- Taylor Swift
  • A lot of Reputation… (the album by Taylor)

And a few others but mainly these.

Here is what I read-
Trials of Apollo – I read the whole series. It was pretty good but it got a bit boring in the middle.
Dork Diaries #1 – I read the first book in this series. I kinda liked it. I think it’s a book that could help me get out of a slump and could provide a light read.

That was all I read. Not much but 6 books is good enough, probably.

That was pretty much all. Also, I posted a lot in May, thanks to WDYTB (and maggie). I had a lot of fun doing all the dares and almost getting exposed 🙂 *cough* thanks Poorwa and Nehal *cough*🙂

I’m really sorry for the late post, I’ve been procrastinating a lot these days. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing this post!

I’ll see you all in the comments!! Bye

P.S. – I’m sorry for any errors as I did not reread this post.

13 thoughts on “May wrap-up🌻☀️

  1. trials of apollo was so good, but you’re right, it got so boring in the middle xD what’s your favourite book/s in the series? mine is the first and last one 🙃 (but the third one was so sad :,( )

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  2. AHHHH ALL OF THE PHOTOS LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, OKAY???!! LOVE THEM!! 😍😍 and six books is AMAZING, okay?? glad you enjoyed most of trials of apollo though!! and hoping that june’s been treating you welll!! so excited for more of your posts ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and Thank you🥰
      June’s been a bit busy for me but other than that it is going pretty good! What about you??
      Me too😂 thanks💕

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