I aM vErY cOnFuSeD | rAnDoM qUeStIoN

HeY eVeRyOnE! WeLcOmE oR wElCoMe BaCk.

So I wAs JuSt ThInKiNg AnD tHiS qUeStIoN cAmE uP-
WhY dO wE cAlL a PeN, a PeN? WhY iS fRiDgE sPelLeD fRiDgE?
WhO iNvEnTeD eNgLiSh?
HoW dO wE kNoW wHaT tO cAlL eVeRyThInG?

HoW? WhY?

OkAy, NoW mY bRaIn HuRtS sO i’Ll LeAvE tHiS hErE.

Do TeLl Me WhAt YoU tHinK aBoUt ThIs. SeE yA’lL lAtEr!


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