Say Hey to May🌼 | April Wrap-up

Hey everyone! Long time no see, huh. Please tell me someone noticed what I did in the title, even if it was very obvious

I have been really busy lately with school and have barely got time to check out your posts or even write one! Hopefully, I make it up for it in May. Wait… the fifth month of the year has already started?! Time flew by very quickly, I suppose.

I’d love to talk to you all in the comments. Let’s get on with the post now.

So like April, I heard a lot of Louis’s songs, Reputation and Red. I won’t specifically mention any songs because I’m lazy I’ll end up mentioning most of the songs from the album and that would take time. I’m looking for something new to listen to and would love to get recommendations from you all.

Now, this is something I am excited about! I read a lot in April!

  1. Percy Jackson book 2,3,4 and 5- I LOVED THIS SERIES SO MUCH. My favourite out of them all will probably be the fourth one, Percy Jackson and the Battle of Labyrinth.
  2. One of Us is Lying – This was so good. I loved the whole thing. (I’ve got no clue what to say…heh)
  3. Heroes of Olympus – I read the whole series! Let’s go! ehuwheud again, I LOVED it A LOT

I read *does math* 10 books in April! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these books and your favourite ships of course. Other than that I would love book recommendations!

That was all for this month! Looking forward to May and I hopefully am active throughout the month.

See you all soon!


15 thoughts on “Say Hey to May🌼 | April Wrap-up

  1. LOUIS!
    he is an icon.
    if you want song recs, I just posted a post explaining my Spotify playlists and you can find a lot of new music there😉
    (self promo-
    i m sorry-)
    BUT WELL IT STILL HAs pretty sick music so check it out!

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