I didn’t mean it | A Poem

Hii everyone! So today I am here with another poem. Thanks to Sid and Chloe for helping me decide the title of this poem! I hope you like it and let's get on to the poem! You stomped away as I said the wrong thingI didn’t mean it the way you took itmiscommunications happenhurt both … Continue reading I didn’t mean it | A Poem

Catching up on Tags and Awards | Part 1

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing good! Today I'll catch up on a lot of tags and awards I've been nominated for. There are around 4-5 in total and that is a lot for me 🙂 I will just do two of them today and the rest I will do later because I have my … Continue reading Catching up on Tags and Awards | Part 1

Winter | A poem

It starts around mid-November goes on till Feb,Brings in the Christmas spirit and new year as well As the snow starts to fall downIt’s a child’s dream that a snow storm comes and closes the schools all around We start wearing cardigans, hoodies and jacketsdrinking something hotcurled up inside our blankets like babies in a cot … Continue reading Winter | A poem