New year, not a new me :)

I didn’t change a thing!? How is there supposed to be a new me?😂



I really hope I’ll be able to go to school this year but right now there is absolutely no chance. WHEN WILL COVID GET OVER!?!?!? I’m sick of staying at home!😔

Enough of this, today I’m going to go over my goals for 2022! (it feels weird putting a ‘2’ instead of a ‘1’😆)

  1. Practice more keyboard (yes, I’m trying to learn keyboard)
  2. Read more books (not keeping a fixed number because it is hard to beg you parents for books😳😂)
  3. Start bullet journalling (very excited for this one! though I doubt I’d be able to do this one🙂)
  4. Stick to your posting schedule (which is posting once a week)
  5. Beg Convince your parents to get you canva pro (not very necissary)
  6. Try staying organized
  7. Get better at designing
  8. Write more poems
  9. Try to start a series (I really want to start a series on here)

That is all I think is important and enough for me to target for the year! I really don’t remember what my goals were for last year but they were similar… (see I didn’t change at all🤷🏻‍♀️) Plus, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to finish them all XD

I’m forgetting to tell you all something! *thinks*

GOT IT! I was going to tell you about the redesign (like you haven’t noticed it till now) I have changed my theme and basically the whole look 😀

Do tell me if you like it and I am gonna end this post here!


back to my old sign off!

15 thoughts on “New year, not a new me :)

  1. I like your goals and ngl everytime I see the amazing templates of Canva pro I’m like I should beg my parents to buy this for me 😂
    Hope you have a better year than last year (cuz let’s face it last year SUCKED)

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