Painting on a phone case! ðŸ–Œ

Hi everyone! Welcome or welcome back! I hope your day is going good!

I am really wanting to paint something. I want to try to customize something! *searches a cabinet*

*finds something*

I just found two old phone covers! Both belong to mom 😂 So let’s just get into painting and customizing ig?

Before we begin! I want to say that first I wasn’t going to make this into a post so I didn’t take photos of a few steps!😬

Let’s begin with the first one! We’ll sand it first and then I am going to paint it white! *sands the phone cover and then paints it white* (btw I am talking about sandpaper here, xD)
The reason why I wanted to paint it white was that it would give a base coat and I used sandpaper because it will help the paint to stick to the case👀

Now on to drawing the design on! I tried to draw snowflakes but it didn’t work. So I decided to ask my friends for their opinion. They suggested doughnuts and musical notes! I tried musical notes and doughnuts but they sadly didn’t work either thanks to my drawing skills I checked Pinterest and got some inspo!

Then I realised something! That the first cover was ruined by my 123746 (wow that is a very random number😂) tries of painting a design on it so we switch onto the other phone case I found! (how lucky of me to find two phone cases, lol)

So we repeat the same process! Sand it and paint it white.

You see a bit of the design, don’t you 😏

Now you need to wait for me to paint!

*after 2 days*

Honestly, I think it came out pretty good! Here’s the pic-

You can see the date! ✨ Exposed ✨

I kinda went for pastel shades but they aren’t very pastely though.

Next, you can cover it with a clear coat so that it stays protected but I apparently don’t have one so we are gonna leave it like this!

Phew! That took time. Anyways I hope you like the case!

Before I end this post I have a very short announcement! I wanted to save it for the next post but here I am!

So I am going to do blogmas for 5 days! I will be posting regularly from 20-25! The series is going to be called ‘5 Days to Christmas’! If you have a better name for it please let me know! I have already written 2 posts out of the five 😂

Plus, if you wanna do a collab or a guest post with me! I am completely open! Feel to drop me a mail using my contact page!

On this note, I’ll end the post! Bye!!

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