My try on digital art

Welcome or welcome back!! I hope your day is going pretty well!

Recently my aunt let me borrow her iPad and I went exploring it. I found a drawing tool app thingy. I am going to share my drawing on it!

This is my first time trying digital art so I hope you like them!!

This the first thing I ever made using digital art-

soo it is hp and Halloween mixed

This is the second one-

btw the date is 3rd November 2021

I am pretty shocked by the result.

This is the third one (another mandala)-

I really like this one!

I hope you liked them! Please give inputs if you have any! And which one do you like the most?? Please let me know!

That’s it for today!!!! Bye!!!!

I know it is pretty simple but I like it!

P.S. Notice the ✨cHaNgEs✨?

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