Dear Grandma💖 (a poem)

This is the featured image! I designed it 😀

To my loving grandmother with all my heart-

You gave your life for us,
You always focus on us.

You are the one who helps me with my studies
Oh! We are like the best buddies

When you scold me, I may have not realised
But it is a blessing in disguise.

You are the shining star in the sleepy sky,
You are the wings which will help me fly

~Krisha 2021

This poem is for grandma. I love her soooo much and I’m sure she does to! She keeps me before her. She is the most selfless person I have ever seen. She helps me with studies and we play games with each other, talk and do a lot of fun stuff! I hope she likes this poem I w and you do too!

This is the second post I am posting this week as the last one wouldn’t count as one 🙂


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