Well😗…………………. It has been LONG😬

Heyy! How are you guys doing? I hope you are having a wonderful way!

*trying to act as I was never gone*
*realises people are starring*

I CAN EXPLAIN MY ABSENCE HERE!🥺 So I was just wrapped up with studies as I had to for my UT’s and Exams and they had only 2 weeks gap between them and I wanted avoid failing. Though I am still gonna fail😁

I am gonna try to post once a week but it might not go as planned. You guys know I can’t follow my schedule so..😗 Umm… now you are gonna get a small life update.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for me being a bit tooo hyped 😃)

It is going fine. My mom just made me join singing classes and I kinda like it but get I embarrassed after singing whatever my teacher teaches me. So, basically my life is very boring. Adding to the fact I am gonna fail this term and gonna get a 1 hour lecture from my parents or get grounded. Looking forward to that😒 Rest of the things are good and I’m chillin! I hope your life is better than mine right now.

I am currently reading KOTLC book series. IT SO AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I am waiting for the book three to arrive as I ordered it. I also read 2 books by David Walliams which were ‘Billionaire Boy’ and ‘Gangster Granny’. I liked them both! I recommend you guys to read both of them if you’d like and PLEASE try KOTLC (Keeper Of The Lost Cities).

So I have been listening to 1D, Shawn Mendes, Tailor Swift, Justin Bieber and more I guess. I LOVE all of them!

This is all not exactly a life update but yeah a catch up after like a month maybe a bit more…

I have one more thing to tell you which is bad. Like really really BAD. I MISSED THE ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY 😱 😬

*hides in a corner*

*slowly comes out*

Umm…. I did miss it. It was on 24th August! Ahhhhhhh! How did I miss it! 😪

Anyways, looking forward to start on drafts as I am all out, posting once a week and reading more than a 1000 posts 😂


18 thoughts on “Well😗…………………. It has been LONG😬

  1. Hi Krisha!! It’s great to hear from you again! 😊
    Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary, that’s exciting!! Mine is like August 14th or something so ours are really close 😂💕

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