The Poetry Delight Contest!

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back!!!

So today finally I am doing the contest! Some of you would know what I am talking about!

So I am initiating my first contest!!!! Yaay! I wanted to do this for a 100 followers and now I am on 130 so thankssssssssss!

Let’s get started-

As you know it is a Poem writing contest


There will be 2 prompts I will give the first one on Thursday and you will have to submit the poem by Sunday. Then I will post the second one on Monday and you will have to submit by Thursday

How will the scoring work-

I am sure that the poems will be super good and will be too hard for me to decide so you all will have to vote for the poem you love( i will create a poll of course!) ( I have given the hard work to you guys!)

Where to submit-

You can mail them to me through my contact page!


1st place- A collab with me ( i hope it is good enough) + a badge

2nd place- guest post on my blog (um.. should be good enough) + a badge

3rd place – shout out on my blog! (zat is ok right?) + a badge

You will see the badges at the end 😉

How to enter-

You can fill up the form to enter by clicking here. The form is open till Thursday 9am IST. I will be posting the first prompt on Thursday

Some rules-

  1. Do not show favouritism while voting
  2. Do not vote yourself.
  3. Play a fair game. Do not google the poems they should be your own or else you will be disqualified
  4. It is a contest just for fun so if you don’t win please don’t get offended!
  5. Have fun!!!

So I am sure that those are all the rules.

So those of you who want to participate go and fill up the form!

Meet you on Thursday with your first prompt! And if you can please re-blog the post so that we can have more people participating. The more the merrier!!


22 thoughts on “The Poetry Delight Contest!

  1. Reblogged this on Geet's Not-So-Secret_Diary and commented:
    Y’all check this awesome contest out!!
    I would encourage y’all to participate (even I am, I’m a poetry lover!!)
    All the best if you participate, and don’t forget to vote for your fav poem at the end!
    Thank you Krisha for hosting this amazing contest, I swear, finally a contest about what I love to do!!

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  2. Reblogged this on maggie’s doodles and commented:
    Hey guys!! My good friend Krisha is hosting a poetry contest on her blog! 😍💜 if you’d like to join, that would be great! The first prompt will be posted this Thursday. I hope to see you there!

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  3. Reblogged this on Bright Light Shine and commented:
    Hey guys!! My best classmate and blogger friend, Krisha is hosting a contest! Krisha is my best friend and my classmate, I highly recommend to enter for her contest!
    See ya all in my post!!
    Don’t forget to follow Krisha and participate in her contest!


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