Art collab with Rayna! 🖼👩🏻‍🎨

Hi guys, So today I am going to do a collab with Rayna. We will be discussing and sharing our Artwork. We will be discussing and sharing our Artwork. I am excited for this collab because I have not done one in days! I hope you enjoy reading too! Don’t forget to check out her blog and follow her! She is amazing! Anddd her post on the collab too!

Rayna- Yeah!! And of course, there will be pics of our art too!

So let’s start!

(the conversation by Rayna will be normal and the conversation by me will be towards the right)


So that’s my first drawingI usually draw girls like that, but most of the time I don’t add in a background like I did here.

Me- I really like the background of the drawing! And the girl looks so cute! I Love the drawing!

Rayna- As you can probably see, my style is like a semi-realistic type I never really know how exactly to explain itIt’s kind of like what you would see in graphic novels. I know there are many different graphic novel styles, but that’s the best I can explain it!

Me- I get it!

This is one of my artworks-

The style is call Mandala.

Rayna- I love mandalas, because they’re so soothingI love the intricacy.

Me- True that! And I really like to draw them because I feel it is like calming and stress free!

Rayna- I can imagine it would be! But I personally don’t really have the patience to do them.

Me- Ikr! I first thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it cause of the detailing and the need of patience but once you get a hang of it it seems to be stress free.

Rayna- That’s lovely to hear!

Me- I love that dragon! Especially the colour combinations and the shading!

Rayna- This was the first colour pencil drawing I did in a while.

Me- It doesn’t look like that..

Rayna- I’m so glad I remembered how to shade properly 😂🤦‍♀️It doesn’t? Well, I’m gladI watched a ton of “colour pencil tip videos”

Me- I need to learn pencil shading too!

Rayna- It’s actually really fun once you know how!

Me- Glad to hear that. I’ll be sure to try it!

Rayna- and it isn’t all that hard either.

Me- And ignoring what you said above. The dragon looks AWESOME!🤩

Rayna- Haha I’ve learnt that while I don’t do this often, I actually really like drawing animalsIncluding mythical ones, like dragons…

Me- I see

Me- This is a Madhubani artIt is also a Traditional indian art style

Rayna- I’d never heard of Madhubani before you told me about it, but that’s amazing!I find side profiles incredibly hard, but you totally pulled it off here.

Me- Thank you so much!I actually like drawing traditional arts.
I find then fun and I like the doodling and detailing in it! 

 Rayna- oooohIt’s definitely very detailed

Me- It took me days to draw it though😂

Rayna- How do you do that! 🙈🙈
I thought sooo

Me- I am kinda a perfectionist. I don’t like my art if I see a mistake in it myself. I even redo it at timesEven though nobody else know the mistake.

Rayna- I like to think I am too, but I don’t actually go ahead with my plans, so maybe I’m a perfectionist in theory 😜Aw well, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing great!

Me- Thanks

Rayna- So well! This was really fun to do Krisha

Me- Yeah!

Rayna- and I LOVED getting a glimpse of your art!

Me- I had a lot of fun talking to you and seeing your wonderful art, Rayna!

So! That was it for today! Hope you liked our collab and our art 😁 And liked reading our conversation!

See ya all later! Good byeeee

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