Happy Mothers Day 👩‍👧‍👦

Hi guys

I hope you are doing well So I am going to be talking about mothers day because I was wanting to share my feelings over this day

It is one day early than mothers day cause I would be busy with my mom and maybe some of you too So anyway A VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOTHERS

So lets begin

No matter what we do for our mothers we still can not match the pain of those nine months We can never repay them for what they give us

For me every day is mothers day and I want to make her feel as a special person every single day
Sometimes they shout on you or even stop taking to you or do not agree with your decision it is because they want to lead you to the right path they know what is good for you or bad and try to prevent you from getting into stuff not good for you

BUT there are some circumstances in which the mother and child relationship is not good

I have may friends who do not live with there mothers and fathers even though they are still there There are many family issues people face they get disconnected from there families

Sometimes there decisions differ causing problems anyways you guys know what I mean and don’t make me talk about this more it make me wanna cry

Now the second thing which I want to say is favouritism Sometimes we feel our mother loves our sibling more than us but it is not true It usually happens when you are the bigger one I can tell you that cause I have a little sisterrrr and you think that your mother loves ur sibling more Sometimes I feel so but I’m sure that it is not true and anyway we came before our sibling and got a bit more love any way😉😏

That is all for today I hope you have a wonderful mothers day

And I am sorry if I took your time with my rubbish talks I just wanted to share it with you guys It was also in my mind so I wanted to get it out

So that is it for today

See ya all

Please share you views in the chat about what you think about mothers day Cant wait to hear from all of you

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