Why so much hate for me! Fake News about me!AND A NOTE OF APOLOGY

Hi guys! IDK what to say to this matter!

Bright Light Shine

Hi all, I found a post of Miriam that I have copied her work! which is actually not true! There are a lot of rumors about me of copying others work! This is not TRUE! She first said that I copied her bitmoji collage thing, I didn’t but I liked her idea so I did it but just check our posts its actually different! then I copied her sidebar she said which is also not true! Just check both our blogs theme it is different! I am actually very sad because this fake news is all over my followers and people are writing so much HATE COMMENTS to me! Its there in my comments sections, I am very sad! Why so much hate for me? This all is fake news about me! I don’t think I can do anything!

Please trust me.Even if you dont here are the evidence watch…

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Good news!

Heyo peeps! I hope you are good! So today will be straight forward ok. So my mom got negative for covid and she's better! Thanks for your prayers guys!💖 there are no more tests!!!!!! I GOT SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is so amazing! I will be doing the q and a I told a … Continue reading Good news!