Surprise Reveal from Bright Light Shine l First post

Hey guys! Pls do check Eesh’s blog out! And I will be posting a post soon!


Hey guys! It’s me Eesh from Bright Light Shine Do follow that too! , I opened a second blog! as I posted today on my blog about a surprise and the surprise is here!!. and even I made my blog button

Here is my blog button!! How’s it? Wanna swap with me comment on blog button swap section

Here I’ll design anything for you guys like blog button, wallpapers, lock screen, blog make over, sidebar, sign off, and anything!!!!!. The great thing is that is 100%FREE! and YOU CAN GIVE ME MORE THAN 1 THING TO MAKE but you’ll have to link my blog and credit in your any post, after I design. I hope you find this intresting!

Every Sunday I’ll post a new post on which I’ll attach some really cool wallpapers I’ll design!

You can give me anything to design, like anything!! I am OKAY with everything!…

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