Heyo heyo hi! Welcome to Krisha’s twilight if you are new here, if you are not welcome back!!!!!

So you guys know my last post was on my birthday! I haven’t posted since then…

I am kinda very busy with all the school work so I thought I will quickly catch-up with you guys!

So I was planning an award but it is taking me time to you know plan the prompts the prizes and all..🧐

I would really like if you guys give me some tips and all!

So if you would like me to do something or just create a post on a specific topic! i would love to hear you all.

I am going to keep this short and I am sorry I am just randomly posting out of nowhere and in such a borrringly boring and not nice manner, I am really sorry!🥺

Byee Have a great day!!!

16 thoughts on “Catching-up!

  1. An award like a tag or an award like a contest? I think you mean the latter, but I’m just confused.. sorry 😐
    also, post about whatever you want to! I always like a books post or something, but I’ll enjoy whatever you write 🙂

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  2. Till now I haven’t understood how awards in WP works. We just get nominated and do it. Then what? How are we gonna win the award? I seriously don’t know 😅! I’m sorry, I’m of no help ☹️

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    1. I think awards are just people think that you are the one who should get it and nominate you and you do it… Um… and i guess that is what awards are! It’s ok!

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