WE DARE YOU TO… // all-new blog competition! (sign-ups open)- Reblog

Once upon a time, Maggie got hit onthe head by theblogging idea fairy. 🧚😂Maggie picked up the ideathat the fairy had left for her.She unrolled the little piece of parchment.She couldn’t believe her eyes!This is what it said: What if there was a blog competition where everyone competed against each other for the title of … Continue reading WE DARE YOU TO… // all-new blog competition! (sign-ups open)- Reblog

Question and Answers!

Hi! Welcome or Welcome back on mah blog! Finally I'm doin that q/a! Be ready to know more about me! Thanks to the ones who gave the questions! The questions are in bold and answers are in italics Riya's questions- Why and when did you start your blog?I started my blog around June or July … Continue reading Question and Answers!

Why so much hate for me! Fake News about me!AND A NOTE OF APOLOGY

Hi guys! IDK what to say to this matter!

Bright Light Shine

Hi all, I found a post of Miriam that I have copied her work! which is actually not true! There are a lot of rumors about me of copying others work! This is not TRUE! She first said that I copied her bitmoji collage thing, I didn’t but I liked her idea so I did it but just check our posts its actually different! then I copied her sidebar she said which is also not true! Just check both our blogs theme it is different! I am actually very sad because this fake news is all over my followers and people are writing so much HATE COMMENTS to me! Its there in my comments sections, I am very sad! Why so much hate for me? This all is fake news about me! I don’t think I can do anything!

Please trust me.Even if you dont here are the evidence watch…

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Good news!

Heyo peeps! I hope you are good! So today will be straight forward ok. So my mom got negative for covid and she's better! Thanks for your prayers guys!💖 there are no more tests!!!!!! I GOT SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is so amazing! I will be doing the q and a I told a … Continue reading Good news!

Surprise Reveal from Bright Light Shine l First post

Hey guys! Pls do check Eesh’s blog out! And I will be posting a post soon!


Hey guys! It’s me Eesh from Bright Light Shine Do follow that too! , I opened a second blog! as I posted today on my blog about a surprise and the surprise is here!!. and even I made my blog button

Here is my blog button!! How’s it? Wanna swap with me comment on blog button swap section

Here I’ll design anything for you guys like blog button, wallpapers, lock screen, blog make over, sidebar, sign off, and anything!!!!!. The great thing is that is 100%FREE! and YOU CAN GIVE ME MORE THAN 1 THING TO MAKE but you’ll have to link my blog and credit in your any post, after I design. I hope you find this intresting!

Every Sunday I’ll post a new post on which I’ll attach some really cool wallpapers I’ll design!

You can give me anything to design, like anything!! I am OKAY with everything!…

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